Electricity And Magnetism

Theory of Electric and Magnetic Susceptibilities by J.H. Van Vleck

By J.H. Van Vleck

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Resin Guttapercha Shellac Partial Conductors. . . Non-Conductors or Insulators. Ebonite Paraffin Glass . . Quartz (fused) Air . A simple way of observing experimentally whether a is a conductor or not, is to take a charged goldleaf electroscope, and, holding the substance to be examined in the hand, touch the knob of the electroscope with it. If the substance is a conductor the electricity will flow away through it and through the body body and the electroscope will be discharged. Through good conductors the rapidity of the flow is so to the earth, great that the discharge is practically instantaneous.

Disk is greater, as we should expect, at the edges than on the flat surfaces; but over the Hat surfaces the distribution is fairly uniform. ese various facts are ascertained by applying a small proof-plane successively at various points of the electrified bodies and examining the amount taken up by the proof-plane by means of an electroscope or electrome- Coulomb, who investigated mathematically as well many of the important cases of distribution, employed the torsion balance to verify his calcu- ter.

17. these being the electric influence exerted body upon one not by an electrified electrified. Suppose we electrify positively a ball C, shown in Fig. and hold it near to a body that has not been electriWe take for this experiment the fied, what will occur? apparatus shown on the right, consisting of a long sausageshaped piece of metal, either hollow or solid, held upon a This " conductor," so called because it is glass support. made of metal which permits electricity to pass freely through it or over its surface, is supported on glass to 17, CHAP, i INFLUENCE 25 prevent the escape of electricity to the earth, glass being a non-conductor.

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