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Lectures on the Electromagnet by Silvanus Phillips Thompson

By Silvanus Phillips Thompson

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Currents alternating closely Lastly, there are certain applications of the electromagnet, notably in the construction of some forms of arc lamp, for specially sought to obtain an equal, or approximately equal, pull over a definite range of motion. This use necessitates special designs. which it is THE PROPERTIES OF IRON. A knowledge of the magnetic properties of iron of is absolutely fundamental to the theory different kinds and design of electromagnets. No excuse is therefore necessary for treating this matter with some fullness.

Both the magnet and the iron keeper were furnished with eye-holes for the purpose of suspension and measurement of the force Joule thus writes about requisite to detach the keeper. the experiments 41 : " I proceed now to describe my electromagnets, which I constructed of very different sizes in order to develop any 41 " Scientific Papers, 11 vol. , p. 30. LECTURES ON THE ELECTROMAGNET. 42 curious circumstance which might present itself. A piece of cylindrical wrought iron, eight inches long, had a hole one inch in diameter bored the whole length of its axis, one side was planed until the hole was exposed sufficiently to separate the thus formed poles one-third of an inch.

Used. . . . 1 ' Henry Finally, lows 37 sums up his own position as fol- : " 1. Previous to my investigations the means of developing magnetism in soft iron were imperfectly understood, and the electromagnet which then existed was inapplicable to transmissions of power to a distance. " 2. I was the first to prove by actual experiment that in order to develop magnetic power at a distance a galvanic battery of intensity' must be employed to project the current through the long conductor, and that a magnet surrounded by many turns of one long wire must be used to ' receive this current.

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