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Opening File Options Read variable names. For spreadsheets, you can read variable names from the first row of the file or the first row of the defined range. The values are converted as necessary to create valid variable names, including converting spaces to underscores. Worksheet. Excel 95 or later files can contain multiple worksheets. By default, the Data Editor reads the first worksheet. To read a different worksheet, select the worksheet from the drop-down list. Range. For spreadsheet data files, you can also read a range of cells.

Sas file in the Save Data As dialog box. For information on exporting data to database tables, see Exporting to a Database on p. 46. For information on exporting data for use in IBM® SPSS® Data Collection applications, see Exporting to IBM SPSS Data Collection on p. 58. sav). IBM® SPSS® Statistics format. 5. 0 For more information, see the topic General options in Chapter 17 on p. 310. 0 or later. 0, the original long variable names are lost if you save the data file. 0, those string variables are broken up into multiple 255-byte string variables.

And so forth). „ Variable labels. Stata variable labels are converted to SPSS Statistics variable labels. „ Value labels. Stata value labels are converted to SPSS Statistics value labels, except for Stata value labels assigned to “extended” missing values. „ Missing values. Stata “extended” missing values are converted to system-missing values. „ Date conversion. Stata date format values are converted to SPSS Statistics DATE format (d-m-y) values. Stata “time-series” date format values (weeks, months, quarters, and so on) are converted to simple numeric (F) format, preserving the original, internal integer value, which is the number of weeks, months, quarters, and so on, since the start of 1960.

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