Beyond the Pale by Savannah Russe

By Savannah Russe

The govt. understands that Daphne city is a vampire, they usually have an ultimatum: secret agent for them, or be killed. the alternative is straightforward. she will be able to converse thirteen languages, has a genius IQ, and has escaped detection for almost years-making her ideal for workforce Darkwing. Her first challenge is to get with regards to Bonaventure, a shady palms broker with an unforeseen reward for seduction. but if Darius, a darkly attractive vampire slayer, starts off chasing her, Darius is torn among hope and accountability. For his lithe, younger prey can also be his final temptation.

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With his stubby fingers he added a few rounds of toast. He pushed it across the table toward me. "You must not refuse. It is the best. Extraordinary. A rare treat. I insist. " I pulled the plate toward me. There was always a power play with men like this. I put a small amount of caviar on a toast and ate. The eggs popped in my mouth, tasting salty and complex. "Excellent. You were right to insist," I said carefully. " "Of course. But as you know, Mr. Schneibel rarely makes the pieces accessible to anyone other than museum curators and researchers, and then on a very limited basis.

Not on their own, of course. If a tribal witch doctor uses them in ancient, traditional ways, they can affect a person's behavior or health. They can even bring death. It isn't just psychological, if that's what you are thinking. They have a force that operates whether the target is aware of it or not. Without a witch doctor, or someone else trained in magic, their power isn't as precise. But it is still there. " I shivered, but I lowered my emotional shields and let myself fully perceive the energies darting around the room like piranhas in a tank.

I tried to remember how old I was on my latest ID. I was about to choose the year of the Dragon. Meanwhile I knew exactly what astrological animal I'd be if I used my real birthday. No doubt about it; I was the Monkey. If I believed in signs, that one would set off alarm bells. Fortunately the silent waiter reappeared and wordlessly plopped down Darius bowl, obscuring the place mat below. Saved by O-O soup . I thought. "Let's get back to J," he said. " I asked. "I think you're being set up," he said.

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