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Are Ya' Bovvered?: 500 Reasons Not to Give a Shit by Lee Bok

By Lee Bok

Are ya' bovvered? Are you ill of college or paintings and unimpressed with lifestyles ordinarily? Are you bored to death with humans watching for unreasonable issues from you - like having a wash, getting up and about, purchasing stuff? ARE YA' BOVVERED? has all of the solutions you want to justify doing bugger all (provided you will be stricken to learn the book).

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If you lost weight you’d have to buy new clothes. pmd 60 23/02/2006, 19:32 500 REASONS NOT TO GIVE A SHIT 7. Your cats love playing with your jelly rolls. 8. You are currently 535lb and hope to beat the world record soon before you die of congestive heart failure. 9. Your embolism collection is a work in progress. 10. Despite the fact that you can’t get laid, you’re breathless all the time and you cry yourself to sleep every night, you’re PROUD TO BE FAT. pmd 61 23/02/2006, 19:32 ARE YA’ BOVVERED?

3. You smoke right down to the filter, so there’s less wastage. 4. Mooching is merely a more efficient means of passive smoking. 5. You’re saving yourself for your sixteenth birthday. pmd 45 23/02/2006, 19:32 ARE YA’ BOVVERED? 10 REASONS NOT TO GO TO CHURCH 1. It’s full of big-assed hypocrites and smelly pensioners pretending to worship something they don’t really believe in, just to show off how holy they are, so they can get into heaven, which doesn’t exist, so what a big waste of time that is.

You haven’t used up all your sick days yet. pmd 54 23/02/2006, 19:32 500 REASONS NOT TO GIVE A SHIT 6. Reruns of Cheers are only shown during working hours. 7. The company cafeteria isn’t subsidized. 8. You need to stay at home and clean your guns. 9. You have to take part in an identity parade. 10. There’s been a death in the family – your own. pmd 55 23/02/2006, 19:32 ARE YA’ BOVVERED? 5 REASONS NOT TO USE A HANDKERCHIEF 1. Blowing your nose is unhygienic, whereas ten minutes of rooting is free entertainment that does no one any harm.

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