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Apache Server Unleashed by Richard Bowen, Matthew Marlowe, Ken Coar

By Richard Bowen, Matthew Marlowe, Ken Coar

This booklet has been usually beneficial. it's good written, seems to be actual, covers many subject matters, and is easily listed. It doesn't have the extent of aspect that, say, an outstanding O'Reilly booklet has, yet i think it occurs to be pretty much as good as (or perhaps a marginally higher than) the O'Reilly booklet in this topic.

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You’re almost always better off building Apache yourself from the source code, if that’s an option. gz file corresponding to the version that you’ve decided to use. gz. Verifying the File’s Authenticity If you have Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) installed, you can verify that the file you’ve downloaded is the genuine article. This is particularly important if you download the file from a mirror site, rather than from the main Apache Web site. asc file extension. This is the PGP signature that goes with the file you’ve downloaded.

403 Forbidden The client isn’t permitted to have the URI that it requested. 404 Not Found Perhaps the most common error status code that you will encounter on the Web. It indicates that the document requested isn’t available. Either it has moved or the client simply requested a document that doesn’t exist. 405 Method Not Allowed The method used by the client isn’t permitted for that particular URI. 406 Not Acceptable The URI exists but isn’t available in the format requested by the client. This usually occurs when the client asks for a document in a particular language or encoding method.

Conf --enable-module The --enable-module option and its associated --disable-module option let you enable or disable particular modules. If your particular operating system supports DSO (dynamic shared objects), you will probably use --enable-module with the --enable-shared option to compile that module as a DSO. 1), you can see the default state of each module. A yes indicates that it’s compiled in by default. /configure --prefix=/usr/local/etc/httpd INSTALLING APACHE The default location for Apache to be installed is /usr/local/apache.

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