Antiviral Agents, Vaccines and Immunotherapies by Stephen K. Tyring

By Stephen K. Tyring

Not like the other resource at the topic, Antiviral brokers, Vaccines, and Immunotherapies analyzes the advantages and barriers of each on hand drug, vaccine, and immunotherapy used in the prevention and regulate of viral ailments. This reference presents in-depth studies of greater than 50 medicines and antiviral brokers for HIV, human herpesviruses, human papillomaviruses (HPV), influenza, respiration syncytial virus, hepatitis B, and analyzes their mechanisms of motion, dosage, uncomfortable side effects, and drug resistance. The ebook additionally presents an outline of using immunoglobulins and monoclonal antibodies for antiviral use and provides large references, tables, and figures in the course of the textual content.

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Results revealed a 37 to 38% decrease in vertical transmission of HIV-1 in subjects who 38 Antiviral Agents breastfed (30,31). In a similar study without breastfeeding, the reduction in the rate of transmission was 50% (32). While a shorter course of zidovudine is considerably cheaper, ($50 for the shorter course vs. $800 for the longer course), the cost of therapy remains too high for most developing countries. Musoke et al. (33) found that a single dose of nevirapine administered to HIV-positive women during labor and another dose given to their infants during the first week of life may be a safe and well-tolerated treatment that is helpful in reducing perinatal transmission of HIV.

In summary, public health measures should remain the first line of defense against viral diseases, and should be combined with antiviral vaccines when available. Antiviral drugs 22 Antiviral Agents and passive immunity with IGs provide a second line of defense, but are usually more expensive than vaccines and public health measures, and provide shorter duration of protection. Although many more antiviral drugs will become available in the 21st century, the greatest need is for safe and effective vaccines against HIV, HPV, HSV, Dengue, rotaviruses, Ebola, West Nile virus, SARS, coronavirus, etc.

Vertigo can cause significant morbidity and prevent patients from living a normal life. The appearance of vertigo with the introduction and removal of abacavir therapy implies that it may be a causative agent, with mitochondrial toxicity being the suspected mechanism (112).

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