Antimony: Its history, chemistry, mineralogy, geology, by Ch'ung-yu Wang

By Ch'ung-yu Wang

A Metallurgical paintings in English through a chinese language writer is uncommon; yet lengthy place of dwelling in the US, and in England and different elements of Europe, and lots more and plenty learn of English literature, have familiarised me with the language, and feature inspired me to make it the medium for offering my paintings to the English-speaking public: and that i wish to convey my due to Messrs Charles Griffin & Co. for the chance they've got afforded me of doing so.

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2. Berggeist, ISTr. 16, 1874. 3. Berg. u. Mttenm. , p. 29, 1873. 4. Buff, " Geognostische Bemerkungen iiber das Vorkommen der Spieasglanzerze anf der Grube Caspari bei Wintrop und auf der Grube Unverhofft Gliick bei Nuttlar im ehemaligen Herzogthum Westfalen," Karsteri's Arch. f. Bergb. u. , 1827, pp. 54-60, an Karsterfs Arch. f. , 1833, p. 439. 5. Cotta, B. , Die Lehre von den Erzlagerstdttent ii. p. 154. 6. Erbreich, "Geogn. Besclir. der Spiessglanz-Lagerstatte . . ," Karsteri's Archivf. , 1827, xvi.

6-2-6'4. Lustre metallic. Colour and streak light steel-gray. Fuses easily before blowpipe. —At Freiberg, Saxony; at Kapnik, Hungary; at Folsobanya, Hungary; and at HiciKleleneina, Spain. Guejarite. 2Sb2S8. ~"Orthorhombic. hi prismatic crystals. (Uves oil' antimony fumes before blowpipe ; yields metallic copper when treated with soda. —At the copper mines at foot of Mu ley-11 aeon, Andalusia. 40 THE METALLURGY OF ANTIMONY. Jamesonite. Sb2S3. —Orthorhombic. Usually in acicular crystals; but common in capillary, cobweb-like forms.

KZnSbS3 White. Mn3Sb2S6 KMnSbS, Rose. Pb3Sb2S6 Brown. KPbSbS3 Brown. Fe3Sb2S6 ... ' Cu3SbS3 Reddish brown. KCu2SbS3 Yellow. Ba3Sb2S68H2O Ba2Sb2S68H,O Crystal Formv Solubility. Microscopic needles. Crystalline. ... Crystalline. Crystalline. Crystalline. Amorphous. Crystalline. Amorphous. ('rystalline. Amorphous. Crystalline. V- Amorphous. Amorphous. Crystalline. Crystalline. Not soluble in water. ,, )5 3) fJ The native minerals corresponding to some of these salts or to some other of the salts of thio-antimonious acids, are :— i Boulangerite, (SbS3)2Pb3/f.

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