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Advances in Nanoscale Magnetism: Proceedings of the by Bekir Aktas, Faik Mikailov

By Bekir Aktas, Faik Mikailov

The booklet goals to supply an summary of modern development within the realizing of magnetic homes in nanoscale via contemporary result of a variety of theoretical and experimental investigations. The papers describe a variety of actual facets, including theoretical and experimental tools. it's of important curiosity to researchers and experts in magnetism and magnetic fabrics technological know-how, either in educational and business learn, in addition to complex scholars.

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The magnetic hyperfine field distributions of the MA sample does not show any evidence for unalloyed Fe, and is also considerably different from that of the bulk and MM samples. From the HFD, it is seen that the zero field peak corresponding to the paramagnetic part of the spectrum of the MA sample has a lower probability when compared with that of the bulk, pointing to a more random distribution of the Fe, Cr, and Al atoms. 0 T, which was present in both the bulk and milled samples is 2 Clustering in Heusler Alloys 31 absent in the MA sample.

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Measurement of the intensities of the superlattice reflections relative to that of the principal reflection can give the type of chemical disordering. Johnston and Hall [23] and Ziebeck and Webster [24] have discussed in detail the effects of different types of disorder on the structure amplitudes of ternary alloys of the Heusler type. 2 shows the XRD patterns of bulk, MM, and MA samples. The Fe2 CrAl (220), (400), and (422) peaks are present in all the three samples. q Fig. 2. X-ray diffraction patterns of bulk Fe2 CrAl prepared by arc melting, nanosized Fe2 CrAl prepared by high energy ball milling of the bulk sample for 30 min (MM) and 15 h MA Fe2 CrAl 26 N.

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