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Advances in Marine Biology, Vol. 43 by Alan J. Southward, Craig M. Young, Lee A. Fuiman

By Alan J. Southward, Craig M. Young, Lee A. Fuiman

Quantity forty three is an eclectic quantity with studies on ecology and biogeography of marine parasites; fecundity: features and position in life-history ideas of marine invertebrates; the ecology of Southern Ocean Pack-ice; and organic and distant sensing views of pigmentation in coral reef organisms. Advances in Marine Biology used to be first released in 1963. Now edited by means of A.J. Southward (Marine organic organization, UK), P.A. Tyler (Southampton Oceanography organization, UK), C.M. younger (Harbor department Oceanographic establishment, united states) and L.A. Fuiman (University of Texas, USA), the serial publishes in-depth and up to date experiences on quite a lot of subject matters that allows you to attract postgraduates and researchers in marine biology, fisheries technological know-how, ecology, zoology, oceanography. Eclectic volumes within the sequence are supplemented by way of thematic volumes on such subject matters as The Biology of Calanoid Copepods . Key positive aspects * AMB first released 1963 * This quantity offers a variety of studies at the biology of lesser-known taxa of the phylum Mollusca, together with: * The ordinarily diminutive protobranch bivalves * The slug-like shelled opisthobranchs * The hugely really expert and evolutionarily complex tusk shells * the attractive, invaluable, but frustratingly hard-to-collect slit shells

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Rohde (1985) demonstrated a similar phenomenon for gill Monogenea. Whereas species infecting teleosts in warm or temperate waters generally produce eggs from which free-swimming larvae hatch, most species infecting high latitude fish (particularly in the northern hemisphere) belong to the Gyrodactylidae, a family comprising small species that reproduce by viviparity. Juveniles remain on the same fish, and other fish become infected by contact transfer. The gradient is distinct both in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans (Figure 21).

In single-species systems, he distinguished the density-independent case, in which there is an exponential increase of subpopulation density over time, the case of contest competition (due to competition for a strictly limited resource) in which an equilibrium of subpopulation density is reached after an initial increase, and the case of scramble competition (for example due to great mortality at high densities) leading to chaotic fluctuations in subpopulation density and often to extinction. However, in the dynamics of metapopulations, both contest and scramble competition lead to equilibria, but at a higher level for the latter, if there is much spatial variation in subpopulation densities between subpopulations.

For parasites, this can be done by comparing species numbers of parasites infecting different host species. For example, Rohde (1998b, earlier references therein) compiled the number of species of metazoan ectoparasites on the heads and gills of 5666 teleost fish belonging to 112 species from his earlier studies (Figure 8). The maximum number of species found was 27, but the vast majority had fewer than six, and many had none or one. A similarly great variance is found for abundance. Maximum abundance was over 3000, but most fish species had fewer than five.

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