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Adolescence & Psychoanalysis: The Story and the History by M. Perret Catipovic

By M. Perret Catipovic

This number of vintage and modern essays - from the likes of Freud, Blos and Laufer - makes a massive contribution to the reassessment of psychoanalytic figuring out and remedy of adults.

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Instead of displacing libido from the parents -- or, more likely, after failing to do so -- the adolescent ego may defend itself by turning the emotions felt towards them into their opposites. This -59changes love into hate, dependence into revolt, respect and admiration into contempt and derision. On the basis of such reversal of affect the adolescent imagines himself to be "free" but, unluckily for his peace of mind and sense of conflict, this conviction does not reach further than the conscious surface layer of his mind.

Of the extent to which the normal, healthy drive derivatives are open to crippling interference by the ego. On the whole, analytic treatment of the ascetic type does not present as many technical difficulties as one would expect. Perhaps, in these individuals, defence against the impulses is so massive, that they can permit themselves some object relationship to the analyst and, thus, enter into transference. ____________________ 6 See in this connection M. Katan ( 1950). -63The "uncompromising" adolescent Another equally abnormal adolescent is described best as the "uncompromising" type.

To sexual partners. The second finding mentioned above is derived from the analyses of adolescent twins, in one case children whose twin relationship in infancy had been observed and recorded in minute detail ( Burlingham, 1952). In their treatments it transpired that the "adolescent revolt" against the love objects of infancy demands the breaking of the tie to the twin in no lesser degree than the breaking of the tie to the mother. Since this libidinal (narcissistic as well as objectdirected) cathexis of the twin is rooted in the same deep layer of the personality as the early attachment to the mother, its withdrawal is accompanied by an equal amount of structural upheaval, emotional upset, and resulting symptom formation.

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