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2006 International Plumbing Code - by International Code Council (ICC)) International Code Council

By International Code Council (ICC)) International Code Council

The booklet got here on time and used to be in remarkable codition! i'll weork with this corporation again!!

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Other and with either the tub, receptor or shower floor. 2 Access. The shower compartmcnt ~lccessand cgress opening shall havc a minimum clear and unohstructcd finished width of 22 inches (559 mm). 1. 5 Shower floors or rcceptors. Floor surfaccs shall bc constructed of inlpervious, noncorrosivc, nonahsorbcnt andwaterproof materials. 1 Support. Floors or rcceptors under shower compartments shall be laid on. and supported by, a smooth and structurally sound base. 2 Shower lining. 4. Such liners shall turn up on all sides at least 2 inches (51 ~ n m ) above the finished threshold level.

7. 1 Separate for each fixture. A flushing dcvice hall not serve more than one fixture. 2 Flushometer valves and tanks. Flusho~ncter\ralvcs and m on tanks shall c01np1y with ASSF. 1037. 1. Access shall be providcd to vacuum brcalcers. onservation type and shall not bc utilized where the watcr pressure is lower than the minimum requircd for nor~nal operation. When operated, the valvc shall auto~naticallycornplctc the cyclc of operation, opening f~tllyand closing positively undcr the watcr supply prcssure.

1. 1 shall bc considered individually by the code official. 'he number of occupants shull be dcter~liincdby the Inrcrr~crrioiztrlBrtiliirzg Code. rrntior7nl Bcriltlir~g Code. 3) i 1 i I I I I I I r i I I i sink exceeding 50 I 1 per 50 I per 50 1 per 100 I I per 10 1 per 10 1 pcs room' 1 per 35 I I / - 1 pcr t e l l i I 1 I per 500 I 1 per 15 ' I 1 per 15 -. 3) 1 I NO. 1) I (SEE SECTION R- I 1 L.. - 1 . - . - 1 llotels, ~nolels. i I_- 1 boarding houses I (transient) 41- / 1 par 500 1 ,I. - 1 / 1 ~ e l v i c est~ations.

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