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(1,k)-configuration facets for the generalized assignment by Gottlieb E. S.

By Gottlieb E. S.

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Does not support hosting mixed OS families, such as Windows and Linux; virtual machines are not as isolated or secure as with the other virtualization types; Ring-0 is a full operating system rather than a stripped-down microkernel as the VMM, so i t adds overhead and complexity; difficult t o identify the source of high resource loads; also difficult t o limit resource consumption per guest. Native virtualization This technique is the newest t o the x86 group of virtualization technologies. Often referred t o as hybrid virtualization, this type is a combination of full virtualization or paravirtualization combined with I10 acceleration techniques.

Software products exist that trap and emulate native SCSI commands and translate them to other storage instructions in the background, making it possible for a disk array to look like a suite of tape drives and tape libraries to back up software and operating systems without any modification. Network Virtualization As with storage vendors, manufacturers of network hardware have been in the virtualization arena for some time, although not always recognized as virtualization. 1Q standard, VLANs are a method of creating independent logical networks within a shared physical network.

Patching. A virtualization technique Easier t o implement Operating systems running that provides partial than full virtualization; in paravirtualized virtual simulation of the when no hardware machines cannot be run assistance is available, without substantial underlying hardware. Most, but not all, of the paravirtualized guests modification; virtual hardware features are tend t o be the highest machines suffer from lack simulated. The key feature performing virtual of backward compatibility is address space machines for network and are not very portable.

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